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Out of State Attorneys Seeking Georgia Counsel

Are you a lawyer outside the State of Georgia considering a serious injury or death case that happened in Georgia, involves a Georgia resident, or may need to be filed in Georgia?   If so, you need a law firm on your team that "knows Georgia " to guide you through the unique laws, customs and nuances that can impact the evaluation and pursuit of a case in the state.  

Conley Griggs Partin LLP is uniquely equpped to serve in that role, as all of our firm's lawyers have deep ties throughout the State of Georgia.  Each of our lawyers graduated from a university in Georgia for both their undergraduate and law degrees and all of them have lived in various cities in Georgia their entire lives, allowing them to develop contacts and relationships with people not only in Atlanta, but all other areas of the state from Blue Ridge to Bainbridge, Dahlonega to Darien.  Of equal importance, our firm has actually handled cases with out of state counsel in jurisdictions across Georgia over the years, and from that real world experience has cultivated knowledge about Courts throughout the the entire state that can provide unique and valuable benefits and insight to a lawyer who has not previously had a case in Georgia.

We also pride ourselves on developing co-counsel relationships with out of state lawyers that are lasting and mutually beneficial.  Whether you need counsel to perform just a limited local role in a case or you are looking for a firm that can take the lead on a case in Georgia for you (or somewhere in between), we are committed to working out co-counsel arrangements that "make sense" and help deliver the best results possible for the client.

If you have a Georgia case that would benefit from local resources and insight our firm can provide, please contact us.   We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!