Aviation-Airplane Accidents

Our firm’s lawyers have unparalleled experience in the handling and trial of cases arising from aviation accidents or airplane crashes.  Our firm has experience litigating cases involving airline crash disasters, aircraft design and product liability, as well as operator, pilot, and maintenance error.  Our network of the top experts in aviation allows us to quickly assemble a first-class team to investigate and prosecute an aviation case.
Andy Scherffius leads our aviation practice, who enjoys a national reputation for his aviation experience.  Mr. Scherffius’ experience representing plaintiffs in airplane cases includes both commercial and private aircraft disasters. Mr. Scherffius has handled approximately fifty aviation cases in the past twenty years. Included among the many cases he has handled are the following:

• Valujet/Florida Everglades crash in which he represented numerous families of victims and served as a member of the plaintiffs steering committee which organized and directed the litigation on behalf of all plaintiffs.

• ASA/Carrollton in which he represented the family of the pilot of a plane which crashed shortly after take-off in a field near Carrollton, Georgia, due to a mechanical failure.

• ASA/Brunswick in which he represented the family of a passenger on board this flight which crashed near Brunswick, Georgia, and in which Senator John Tower and a NASA astronaut were among the passengers killed due to the metallurgical failure of a part which resulted in a failure of one of the engines. Mr. Scherffius served as Chairman of the plaintiffs steering committee in connection with this crash.

• A midair plane collision in which a settlement was reached involving the death of four individuals for a total of $42 million.

Mr. Scherffius is a multiengine- and instrument-credentialed pilot with thousands of hours of flight time and the experience of owning, maintaining, and operating a variety of planes over the years. He is a member of the aviation practice group of the State Bar of Georgia, American Trial Lawyers Association and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and maintains an AV rating in Martindale-Hubbell.

In addition to Mr. Scherffius, our aviation practice is unique among firms that handle aviation cases in that we have on our full-time staff a pilot, investigator, and consultant on aviation cases in Mark Broughton.  Having immediate access to this full-time aviation industry resource allows us to immediately begin investigating and collecting evidence in an aviation case.  Mark served in the US Air Force as a flight line jet engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) mechanic, where he gained flight line experience on the C-141 and C-5A aircraft. He served as one of three USAF personnel sent to Lockheed, the C5A manufacturer in Marietta, Georgia, for the purpose of rewriting the engine and APU troubleshooting manual for the C-5A flight system.  He also cross-trained as a Flight Engineer on the C-141 aircraft.  Upon completion of his Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license, he began a career in the aviation field where he operated a Piper Cheyenne II for an Atlanta based law firm from the 2005 to 2011.  He currently pilots a twin-engine, Beechcraft Baron.

Having the right law firm in an aviation case is critical.  Aviation law includes a complex compilation of laws, treaties and court decisions. The results in airplane accident cases can vary greatly based on the individuals involved, the particular circumstances of the flight, the location of the crash site, and other factors. Aviation accidents often implicate the jurisdiction of state, federal and sometimes international law.  For these reasons, it is critical to retain attorneys who have the experience and specialized knowledge to lead the investigation into the cause of the crash and to help collect the maximum recovery allowed under the law.

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