Class Action Lawsuits

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or several persons sue one or more defendants, typically large corporations, on behalf of a much larger group of individuals, all of whom have experienced a similar or the same kind of problem. This kind of lawsuit works well when the individual claims are relatively small and it may not be economically feasible to bring a single case over the matter in issue, yet the conduct or condition causes significant harm collectively to many. Federal and state laws allow persons to essentially band together in a single lawsuit for the greater good of the whole. These cases can be brought on a nationwide or statewide basis depending on specific facts.

These cases typically arise against large businesses that interact most frequently with the consuming public at large, including insurance companies (automobile, homeowners, life, health, disability, etc.), banking and financial institutions, the mortgage industry, automobile manufacturers, other manufacturing businesses, airlines, credit and credit-related organizations, and other corporations. Given the size and nature of such industries, class actions lawsuits against them require knowledge and experience, as well as significant resources, from both an economic and a manpower standpoint. The lawyers at Conley Griggs Partin LLP possess the knowledge and resources needed for these unique claims.

Some examples of the types of matters resulting in class action lawsuits include:

  • Insurance policy holders who pay for a particular service or feature in a policy that is not provided or otherwise withheld, overtly or secretively;
  • Consumers who purchase the same defective product resulting in loss of use, loss of value, or requiring repair;
  • Customers who are harmed by similar unfair or deceptive business practices committed by a corporation;
  • Individual consumers and merchants who pay inflated prices for services or products caused by the anti-competitive activities of large corporations; 
  • Investors who are the victims of fraud associated with the purchase or sale of stocks and other securities.

In most class actions, a lead class representative brings the initial claim on behalf of others. At the hopefully successful conclusion of the case, that lead class representative is usually entitled to an incentive award for taking on the responsibility of bringing the matter to court for the larger group of similarly-harmed persons. The amount of this fee or award to the lead plaintiff for taking such initiative can be substantial.

If you feel you have been financially harmed in such a way that it may be part of a larger pattern or practice conducted by an organization or business to the determinant of its customers or the public, please contact us for a free case evaluation in order to see whether your claim.
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