$11,700,000 Bench Verdict in Aviation Case in Federal Court Against the US Government

Andy Scherffius, Ranse Partin and Will Owens Obtain $11,700,000 Verdict From a Federal Court in an Aviation Accident Case

A federal court awarded the surviving widow and children of a 52 year old man 11.7 million dollars for the wrongful death of their husband/father in Curtis v United States of America. The family physician needlessly died in a plane crash due to the negligence of pilots in the United States Civil Air Patrol. The Civil Air Pilots started their takeoff on a crossing runway while the doctor's plane was landing, causing his plane to make a sudden avoidance maneuver at low air speed.  This maneuver resulted in a stall and crash.  The case was filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act which allows individuals to hold the government accountable for negligence.  Following a two-week trial in federal court in March 2017, a federal judge awarded the family 11.7 million for the wrongful death of this dedicated father and husband. Andy Scherffius, Ranse Partin and Will Owens represented the family at trial.